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Hey Guys 🙂

Been a while because my camera doesn’t have good resolution for recording any more :S so i used my new HD webcam.

This Look is super Simple guys!

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This look Is a Quickie 🙂 i dont know what to call these tutorials so any requests for what to call them would be cool :)In general this look basically uses two colours a highlight and matte black , with options for making it classier or more colourful 🙂

So Onto it…


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Lots of new things coming which is very exciting , i dont have as much time as i did before which even then was very little , but now at college i though AHH buy a laptop which makes all my work more organised which meaaaaans i can edit my videos much quicker and post them easier.

this Post will involve : JEN ❤ frontpage

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I have been a tad busy with college and that , been too busy to do any proper tutorials which is a shame because i love doing it!

but i do have some pictures of some looks i have done that might interest you in some way 🙂 i promise i will get some looks up soon 🙂

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Hey Guys So This Look I Absolutely Love 🙂

Its my favourite toned down eye i have done 🙂 hope you enjoy.

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Hey Guys so today ive got some swatches of the Urban Decay Deluxe pallette.

Deluxe Shadow Box

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Okay so here is the tutorial i did today. not too fond of it i must admit but i was trying to commit to just the urban decay bamboo pallette and i find those colours very irridescent and powdery for one look.

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