New Things coming…

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Lots of new things coming which is very exciting , i dont have as much time as i did before which even then was very little , but now at college i though AHH buy a laptop which makes all my work more organised which meaaaaans i can edit my videos much quicker and post them easier.

this Post will involve : JEN ❤ frontpage

I Was very naughty and bought a calypso minerals stacker even though my bank was supposed to be untouched this month but alas that didnt happen. so im very excited for that to arrive , if you havent heard of jen and her Brand Calypso minerals then you are missing out .

Jen Was Selling her infamous Mineral make-up on until recently where she made her own site to branch out.This woman has got to be one of the most lovely and co-operative people to talk to in buying internationally very sweet indeed. ONTO the make-up the products she produces have got to be OH SO amazing! the colours ive seen in swatching have been such amazing pay-off i obviously cant give a proper review seeing as i havent recieved them yet but for price and pay-off. This company is worth looking into and investing in.

Reviews Of Jens Makeup.

The Biggest fan Cora : Aka. Vintage or tacky on youtube. This woman is amazing and i am going to have to do a feature on her…

I did this really fast but here's the look I did today

And Xsparkage aka Leesha ! this girl is the idol among idols in my opinion all her Looks enthrall me to be better: for a sunken treasure tutorial iPhoto-2.jpg @ 100% (RGB/8#) and for Swatches of some amazing CM Eyeshadows.

Ahh for Now i shall have to lay in wait till i get home one day and see my amazing parcel on the doorstep.

TTFN guys! 🙂




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