Urban Decay Deluxe Pallette.

Posted on: August 14, 2009

Hey Guys so today ive got some swatches of the Urban Decay Deluxe pallette.

Deluxe Shadow Box

deluxeDSCF4020The Pigmentation in these shadows are fabulous! they all really stand out. im afraid i couldnt get a good angle of my favourite three on the bottom row but they are beautiful for creating quite neutral eyes with a shimmery side 🙂

Fishnet- reminds me so much of a uv colour its a Pinky- purple with blue undertones which is beautiful and really eyecatching.

Honey- is just as it says on the tin. its a very honey coloured shade and is a very beautiful gold it reminds me of Half baked with less glitter.

Ransom- a dark purple great crease cutter and very flattering for those with bright green eyes. in a brighter light it looks rather violet.

Graffiti- an amazingly bright green , very shimmery and noticeable.Radioactive comes to mind.

Zero- a Black with white shimmer to it. very pigmented but known for its evil fallout.

Peace- a beautiful bright blue. it reminds me of the colour of lagoons. very pigmented and amazing in terms of lasting colour.

Shag- is a light Taupe-ish colour packed with shimmer it is amazing for a night out eye and is one of my favourites.

Scratch- i can understand why they called it this. you know that colour your skin goes after you scratch it. SPOT on its again packed with shimmer and is radiant.

Underground- a toned down brown , reminding me of a hot chocolate froth 🙂 very shimmery and great for the crease.

All these colours are worth buying in my own opinion Zero can be a rascal for fallout but looks amazing. Scratch is a perfect everyday colour and peace is great for those days you just want to be noticed.

The urban decay Deluxe pallette can be purchased from boots or debenhams for: 22.00 pounds

Or on for $38.00


3 Responses to "Urban Decay Deluxe Pallette."

You know I bought this like months ago but its barely been used!! But your swatches just made me wanna go try em out!!

Awh thats good 🙂 Yeah i love this pallete! its really good ,so sparkly though !

i mean shimmery lol

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