Konad Review- Finally bought and adored

Posted on: July 24, 2009

Hey guys long time no type? im sorry ive been so busy and hectic with life stuff but im back in the game i believe 🙂 So anyway the long awaited arrival of money came into my hands and the first thing i had to buy was konad! its just too amazing a product to pass up.

Now you guys may have heard of this product from xsparkage or sayanythingbrooke from youtube and it is amazing !

yhst-98461225593618_2063_17512654this is what the stamper and scraper look like its really a simple device the stamper part is made of a smooth rubber which picks up the polish and deposits it on the nail without any smudging.

The scraper you have to use with some amount of force  away any excess off of your image plate…

yhst-98461225593618_2064_19286099This is the image plate i purchased and the most popular one aswell , There is no downside to the image plates they are pretty much come as it is. its simple really you apply the konad special polish over the desired image and use the scraper to scrape off the excess so there is just the polish in the engraved image, you then take the stamper either side (larger for whole nail or larger designs , smaller for intricate detail) and stamp over the image then on the nail.

You have to be quick with this otherwise the Polish used will dry on the stamper and not transfer , i mean seriously this stuff drys within seconds.

Some of you might have that idea to buy the stamper and everything else except the special nail polishes thinking ” i’ll just use my own” WRONG hehe it wont work , the special nail polishes are called special because they are made for stamping, they have a thicker consistency compared to average nail polishes and the stamper will pick it up whereas regular polish will just run over the stamper.

You can always test out different brands of polish to test but i wouldnt reccommend taking the chances and doing it before you go out and about.

All in all this product is Phenomonal! totally worth buying.

Shopping List:

*M57 image plate

*Two sided stamper & scraper

*Black special Polish

*White special polish

Where to buy: is american so it is suitable for overseas buyers and for that shopping list above because works out much more expensive for those four products. does not stock the M57 plate. stocks every plate and every polish.

With limited edition coraline plates out now.

Lolli 086China Glaze -Sexy in the city


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