Maybelline Lash Stiletto Review

Posted on: May 20, 2009

This mascara in my own opinion is AMAZING 🙂 after seeing leesha’s (xsparkages) review i thought id do one too because our eyelashes our different in natural length and volume.

on the maybelline website it says this“The NEW Maybelline New York mascara is so exciting. Not only does it have the sexiest name, but it gives you the most seductive lashes. I love the black patent shine it gives; it really provides me with a strong, bold look. The new Stretch & Set brush also allows me to create ultimate length”. Fiona Jolly, Maybelline New York’s Celebrity Make-Up Artist.
personally i think you can see the difference in my lashes :O

the length you get out of it is awesome and my sister thought i was wearing falsies 😮 it is very focused on length and less volume like leesha said. It is amazing and i dont know what will steer me away from it really it is so easy to apply and this is just one coat.




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